Software Development Life Cycle


I just found out that the Software Development Life Cycle has six different phases. I’ll explain them below. The Life Cycle of the software is employed while the software is in its development process. It is also known as “Software Development Process Models”. The phases of the Software Development Life Cycle are the following:

  1. Requirement gathering and analysis
  2. Design
  3. Implementation or coding
  4. Testing
  5. Deployment
  6. Maintenance

(Retrieved from ).

  1. Requirement gathering and analysis:

It’s the process in which information regarding the project is investigated. They try to answer these questions to complete the information: Who is going to use the system? How will they use the system?  What data should be input into the system?

2. Design:

System Design creates the draft of the project according to the specifications that were retrieved in phase 1. It is used as a model in order to be used in the following phases.

3. Implementation or coding:

With the new model, software engineers start to code. They are divided in teams in order to fill the different areas of coding.

4. Testing:

When code is finished, the testing phase starts. Here, they can track bugs or see if they followed all the requirements established in phase 1.

5. Development:

When testing phase finishes, the product is delivered to the customer.

6. Maintenance:

Customer finds some bugs and the team needs to give maintenance to the product constantly.




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