Software Development Process


The SDP (Software Development Process) is almost the same as the Software Development Life Cycle. It is the group of actions or processes in order to complete tasks. Some of the actions or activities regarding the SDP are:

  • Requirements Analysis: research the requirements of the future product, customers are needed to achieve this task.
  • Specification: create a deep explanation regarding the specifications that the customer gives.
  • Software Architecture: design a model in order to implement all, or at least most of, the specifications.
  • Implementation: Code the design.
  • Testing: test the different parts of the product. Different people may interact with it in order to find any bug or glitch.
  • Documentation: Specify every part of the code in order to state a clear description of the software.
  • Training and Support: Teach the customer how to use the new product.
  • Maintenance: create new updates if it is necessary. Fix bugs if something appears.


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